The Curriculum (20 units)


  • Students are expected to study abroad. SSU courses may apply, but cannot be relied upon to fulfill the 20-unit minimum
  • Take 2 courses in Group II and additional courses in either Group II or III to meet the 20-unit minimum
  • Two courses (8 units) may be from the Arts and Humanities. The rest must be from the Social Sciences (e.g. Anthropology, Geography, Economics, History, Political Science, Women and Gender Studies)
  • One language course (up to 5 units) may count towards the minor


Group I: Language Requirement
  • Intermediate-low level proficiency in a modern language other than English. Demonstrated by either 1) passing an intermediate-level proficiency exam; or 2) completing a second-semester standard language course (102 or equivalent) with a grade of C or better.
  • Students are expected to take language courses while studying abroad.
Group II: Region
  • Courses covering the broad region in which your study-abroad country lies (e.g. Western Europe; Asia; Africa; Latin America)
  • Courses chosen in consultation with the Global Studies Coordinator
Group III: Sub-region
  • Courses focusing on the specific country in which your are studying (e.g. Spain, South Korea; South Africa or Chile)
  • Courses chosen in consultation with the Global Studies Coordinator