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Welcome to Global Studies

Where students examine social challenges from an interdisciplinary, holistic, and global perspective

Recognizing the increasing interdependence of the world and the global nature of contemporary social problems, the Global Studies major examines social challenges from local to global scales. 

The major draws on academic expertise from across the university, including anthropology, economics, political science, history, environmental studies, sociology, multi-cultural studies and women and gender studies. Students learn how to integrate these different perspectives and develop a deep understanding of the complex nature of our social challenges and the strategies needed to address them.

Global Studies students develop the skills they need to work effectively in a multicultural context and be agents of positive change. 

Some graduates apply their knowledge and skills to careers in the US, working for agencies that address social problems or for businesses that operate in multi-cultural contexts. Others pursue international career fields such as diplomacy, humanitarian work or international business.

Global Studies prepares students for international or intercultural service through the study of other cultures, world history, politics, economics, geography, environmental studies, cross-cultural communication, and a modern language.